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USD $25.00

VIP Seance Observer Add On

If you're intrigued by the seance but not quite ready to participate, or if you missed out on tickets due to waiting too long and they're now sold out, you can still witness the paranormal activity up close. Opt for this ticket to be present in the room as an observer.

USD $50.00

Gallery Reading Add On

A gallery reading is a metaphysical experience where psychic mediums connect with the other side of the veil to deliver messages from your loved ones. Join these gifted psychic mediums to see if they can reach out to your loved ones and convey messages to you.

USD $50.00

VIP Seance Add On

Witness something truly extraordinary and enchanting as psychics and special guests connect with the spirits of the jail. Seances serve as a means of spirit communication that, when conducted properly, are both secure and efficient.

USD $150.00

Guided Investigation Ticket

Embark on a VIP Tour accompanied by your esteemed guests. This exclusive tour includes an exploration led by seasoned paranormal investigators at BOTH locations.

USD $230.00

VIP Investigation Ticket

Join the exclusive VIP crew, where only 6 tickets are up for grabs. These special tickets grant access to seance tickets, investigations, the ability to select your tour group, and an overnight stay at the jail.

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