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USD $25.00

VIP Seance

Participate in the afterhours seance with the special guests and see who we channel at the theater. If you did NOT purchase a VIP ticket and would like to stay to be a part of this seance/spirit circle this is your ticket.

USD $175.00

VIP Ticket (No Souvenir Footage/Overnight Spot)

Go solo OR be part of a tour. This ticket gives you access to EVERYTHING: 1. 2 Hours of gallery readings with 2 psychic mediums 2. Evidence review of real Warren Case files with Joe Franke 3. Movie showing 4. Popcorn, soda and pizza dinner 5. Seance 6. Investigation

USD $200.00

VIP TIcket All Inclusive Experience

Go solo or tour. Includes: 1. 2 Hours of gallery readings 2. Warren case files w/ Joe Franke 3. Movie 4. Popcorn, soda & pizza dinner 5. Equipment rental package 6. SOUVENIR footage 7. Overnight spot in the theater (bring your own bedding) 8. Seance 9. Investigation 10. Autographed photo

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